Ideate Software is pleased to share the work of BIM advocate (and friend of Ideate Software), Laura Kay Smith. She has recently completed the e-book Becoming a BIM Advocate: Promoting & Implementing BIM in Your Office.

If you have been running up against walls in getting your firm transitioned into full BIM integration, or getting BIM implementation off the ground at all, this book will provide solid strategies and specific tips to achieve this goal. Also, going through this process will help you position yourself as a valuable BIM resource at your firm.

Ideate Software has been a big supporter of Laura's role as a BIM advocate. She has spoken at Ideate sponsored Revit User Groups, worked with Ideate Software to publish a Study In Success focusing on Kasian's use of Ideate BIMLink, and, we just generally enjoy her presence in the BIM community.

In Laura's role as BIM Manager at Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning, LTD., she has been a leading contributor to Kasian's transformation to a fully integrated BIM focused firm. However, it hasn't been an easy road. Laura's valuable experience overcoming considerable challenges in BIM integration, and her confident yet approachable tone make her book an interesting, actionable and quick read.

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More About Laura Kay Smith: Laura Kay Smith is the BIM Manager at Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning, LTD. She has been in the Technology management side of Architecture for over 20 years, both as a business consultant and in-house expert, developing and helping firms use and harness the Technology to create better design. Regardless the role or firm, Laura has been a leader at bringing new ideas and helping each firm work towards the future. Laura's passion for BIM is evident. As the author of a blog, BIMFreak Laura provides a valuable resource for implementing and starting the BIM transition.