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Automate Tasks in Revit and Ideate Software Tools

Save time, reduce the chance of human errors, and ensure projects deliver consistent and predictable outcomes with Ideate Automation.

Available for purchase as a stand-alone product or with the Ideate Software bundle, and included in the cost of an Enterprise subscription, Ideate Automation allows users to schedule scripts to pick a file, perform a task, and create an output file, so they can come into work with a time-consuming task already complete.

This scripting solution runs time-intensive BIM tasks in the background during non-business hours or while your staff does more meaningful work. Either started manually or scheduled to run at night, Ideate Automation is empowering and cost effective.

Use with Revit to:

  • Schedule the opening of large Revit files
  • Run Revit “audit and compact” process to maintain file size
  • Export data from Revit into PDF, DWG, NWC, and IFC files
  • Publish files to Autodesk BIM 360 as often as daily

Use with Ideate Software tools to:

  • Export key Revit model health data
  • Create document issue records
  • Prepare COBie data drops
  • Generate quantity take-off data
  • Generate regular, automated PDF exports
  • Deliver CSV reports on key Revit family and project metrics
  • Batch-export Revit sheets and/or views to DWG file format
  • Offload long-running, complex annotation clash processes
  • Silently check spelling

"We have been using Ideate Automation to export Excel data from Revit to update Power BI daily. It has been running seamlessly and has been a huge time saver!"

~Shelley Greenaway, HDR