Scope Boxes and Plan Regions

Scope Boxes

Scope Boxes are an essential component of multi-disciplinary view coordination, and as such deserve to be highlighted within the <Ideate Audit> Filter. Use Ideate Explorer to keep an eye on the Scope Boxes within your project, select and zoom to a Scope Box by the Scope Box name, and to easily transfer all Scope Boxes from one project to another.  

To copy all the Scope Boxes between project files you can follow these steps:

  1. Set Display to "Entire Project"
  2. Set Filter to <Ideate Audit>
  3. Select all Scope Boxes to be copied.  This will select all Scope Boxes regardless of their visibility state.
  4. From Revit's Modify tab, select the Copy to Clipboard tool
  5. Open the new file.
  6. Use Paste to transfer to all of the Scope Boxes into the new project.

Plan Regions

A Plan Region is used to apply a different View Range to part of a Floor Plan View so that a model element that might typically be invisible due to the cut-plane height can be indicated on the plan. Unlike Scope Boxes, Plan Regions are view-specific elements and are easy to "lose" within the Revit project. Use Ideate Explorer to delete unwanted plan regions or to copy plan regions from one view to another.

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