As is the case every few releases, Autodesk has incremented the FlexLM license manager version required to support its network licenses. The version ’’, available for download here, is required to run the 2019 product year licenses.

Ideate software licensing, including for the 2019 releases will work fine with any version past 11.9, including the newest one.

Updating your Flexera LMTools is relatively straight-forward if you watch out for these common mistakes:

Custom installation folder

If you are using anything other than “C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager,” make sure to change the 3 paths on the ‘Config Services’ tab accordingly after installing the new LMTools.

Multiple services on the same License manager

When multiple services share the same LMTools install (e.g. Autodesk and Ideate Software) or LMTools only serves licenses for non-Autodesk software, make sure the secondary vendor daemon (e.g. ‘ideate.exe’) and log file (‘ideate.log’) are present in the installation folder after the update. Autodesk daemon ‘adskflex.exe’ installs with LMTools downloaded from Autodesk website by default.

Multiple versions of LMTools for different software products

Running multiple instances of LMTools on the same server (because some software titles will only run on a specific LMTools version) gets even more complicated. In addition to the above, be sure to stop and start the individual services from within their applicable LMTools instance and use the correct ‘path to lmgrd’ on the ‘config services’ tab.

Final reminder: Checking the ‘force server shutdown’ tick box, then hitting ‘stop server’ will stop ALL services that LMTools can reach, however clicking ‘start server’ will start ONLY the currently selected one. Be sure to switch to any other service you may have and perform a ‘start server,’ then ‘reread license file’ separately.

Hope these suggestions will make this infrequent but inevitable task a little bit easier. You can always find more answers on, or feel free to reach out with any Ideate software-related questions or suggestions. 

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