It’s probably safe to say that our customers—designers, drafters, architects, and engineers—enjoy a good challenge. Identifying the root cause of a problem and finding the answer energizes you. We’re the same way. And we want to free you to focus on the valuable aspects of your project by answering any questions you have about Ideate Software.

Let us eliminate the time you spend trying to find the answer yourself, then asking a coworker to help, and finally bringing it to your manager. While you may feel great once you have the answer, that’s not really a good use of your time. Instead, contact us when you first have a question.

That’s what Jeff Courtney, pre-construction manager from Skanska, did. Facing a tight deadline, Jeff contacted our support team to ask a couple of questions. He needed to know 1) if architectural model files linked with a master Takeoff Revit file will export into Ideate BIMLink as one model, and 2) if, when pushing the data back into Revit, it could be pushed as one or if it would need to be pushed as individual files. We got back to Jeff right away with the answers: The short answer to the first question is yes, it can export as one model. The answer to the other question is that it will need to be imported one at a time. We have tested and confirmed this workflow.  

In most cases, we will be able to answer your questions right away; we are also designers, drafters, architects, and engineers with extensive experience. We work side-by-side with our AECO customers, so we know the challenges they face and how Ideate Software solutions help. But, if your challenge stumps us, our team will jump into action, leveraging each other’s knowledge and experiences to identify the root cause and find the answer for you.

Contact our the Ideate Software support team. We are here to help.