BIM Managers Faced New Challenges During the Pandemic

As a BIM manager, you wear many hats. In addition to supervising and supporting your technical team, your responsibilities include:

  • Developing BIM standards, protocols and templates
  • Managing the collaboration between your team, clients, contractors and others
  • Overseeing the production of project information models from design through handover

While the role of BIM manager has always involved a lot of moving parts, the pandemic-related challenges of disparate workforces, increased absences and talent shortages have put new and uncharted job duties on your plate.

Calmer Days Provide Time for Strategic Planning

Fortunately, companies around the world that have dealt with the urgency of the past two years’ challenges are starting to settle back into a routine. Now, with the raging fire down to embers, it is time to step back and make sure your team has the tools needed to enter this new phase seamlessly and position your company to succeed through increased employee and customer satisfaction.

One way to tackle employee and customer satisfaction at the same time is by investing in technology that allows employees to focus on more interesting activities while improving their designs and increasing the speed in which their designs are delivered to customers. 

Solutions for Revit Users

If your company uses Autodesk Revit software, we recommend that you spend a few minutes reading this post to learn how you, your team, your company and your customers can benefit from the leading Revit software plugins developed by Ideate Software.  
“We’ve been working with Ideate Software for years. Each one of their products tackles specific challenges we face with Revit software. They help us save time with a variety of model tasks, freeing up time for our designers to do what they do best, innovate and design. Ideate Software products also have a critical function in our model quality control process, giving us more control of our data in a way that Revit out-of-the-box cannot.”
~Jason Halaby, Senior Associate, Architect and BIM Manager, WRNS Studio

Revit Plugins for BIM Managers

In it for the Long Haul

No doubt you are aware of Autodesk Revit plugins that are inexpensive or even free. We suggest that you ask yourself why they are free. Wouldn’t a company charge for a product it considered valuable? At Ideate Software, we invest significantly in understanding challenges faced by Revit users and developing Revit plugin solutions that stand up to the rigors of a complex dataset. 

For more than 12 years, we have successfully served the needs of the Revit community:  

  • We stay connected to the architecture, engineering, construction and building-owner industries by attending and hosting events.
  • We learn about Revit challenges through Autodesk forums, surveys, roundtable discussions and one-on-one conversations, and we develop tools that address those challenges.
  • We leverage our beta testing program to ensure our tools achieve the desired results before we release them to the public. 

Because of our rigorous development and testing process, we know that all our Revit software plugins address specific requests from Revit users, streamlining workflows, reducing time spent on data management, and improving the quality of their Revit models.

What are the Five Must-Have Revit Plugin Solutions from Ideate Software?

Below are summaries of our products that BIM managers with teams ranging from small and local to large and global count on to help them achieve their goals. For details, visit our website

  1. Revit Plugins for BIM ManagersMove data from Revit to Excel for fast and easy editing and then move updated data back to Revit to instantly update your model – Ideate BIMLink 

    “[Ideate BIMLink] is an essential tool that we rely on regularly.”
    ~Peter Michealsen, Modulus Consulting

    Here are a few specific tasks you can perform with our Ideate BIMLink Revit software plugin:
  2. Find and delete hidden problem items including DWGs, find and refine elements including those excluded from the project browser, manage Revit warnings, and more – Ideate Explorer

    “[Ideate Explorer] puts the filter tool in Revit to absolute shame -it is simply THE tool for finding elements in Revit models.”
    ~Gavin Crump, BIM Guru

    See a few ways Ideate Explorer will save you time and increase the accuracy of your Revit models:
  3. Elegantly connect non-BIM data from an Excel, Word or PDF document into Revit projects, enhancing cross-team workflows – Ideate Sticky

    “Ideate Sticky reduces the time we spend getting Excel schedules into Revit by a minimum of nine minutes per project per reload. It paid for itself in just one month.”
    ~Aimee Molleken, GLHN Architects & Engineers

    Learn more about Ideate Sticky:
  4. Analyze, delete or merge non-standard Revit styles that enter models along with imported content – Ideate StyleManager

    “After cleaning up a library of 1000+ families, I can safely say Ideate StyleManager is a must have. It saved me many days of work, if not weeks! I’m not sure how I would have kept my sanity without it.”
    ~Ann-Helen Wirtz, SERA Architects

    Check out some of the valuable ways our Ideate StyleManager Revit software plugin is used to keep Revit models clean:
  5. Streamline common tasks such as renumbering elements, determining which elements will be deleted along with a selected item, copying sheets with views, and more – IdeateApps 

    “All [IdeateApps] apps are big time savers, but from a BIM management standpoint, [Ideate XRay] is my favorite time saver.”
    ~Anne Gustavson, NBBJ

    The IdeateApps collection is made up of nine different tools. Here are just three of the many tasks it can automate for you:

Ready to Learn More about our Autodesk Revit Plugin Solutions?

Revit Plugins for BIM ManagersYou’ve taken the first step and read this blog post. Now it’s time to dig in a little deeper. You can contact us for a one-on-one conversation; check out our blog posts that feature product information, workflow demonstrations, frequent questions addressed by our Support team and more; attend an upcoming webinar or review a recording of a past event, or watch short how-to videos that provide demonstrations on how to perform specific tasks using our Revit software plugin tools. 

As you peruse the information, we are certain you will come to understand the value that these tools can bring to your team starting on the first day you launch your subscription. 

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