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Set Default Rankings 

Set default warning rankings

You can access the default warning ranking settings from the Settings option within Ideate Explorer, as shown above. When Ideate Explorer (with Warnings added May 2018) is first launched within a Revit project, the default rankings are read from the XML file specified for the Warning Rankings Library Path.

The Default Warnings.xml file has approximately (60) ranked warnings. The rankings set within this file are based on beta-tester input about the relative importance of each warning. Our research indicates that the significance of each warning type will vary with the project type, unique project conditions, and also the primary discipline (architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structure, etc.).

We recommend that you review these default settings and make modifications to suit your needs. You can use the Browse button to specify a different file location and/or different XML file. In addition to the Default Warnings.xml, Ideate Explorer also includes a warning rankings file called No Rankings.xml. Use this file to start from scratch.

Assign default Revit warning rankings

Export / Import Rankings 

You can transfer warning rankings between projects by exporting and importing the rankings to an XML file. Access this function from the Manage menu option as shown above. Importing a new rankings file will overwrite all current project rankings.

NOTE: The number of warnings displayed within Ideate Explorer is a function of the Revit project conditions. While only (3) warnings may display, for example, the export would include any that had been previously defined.

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