Create New Placeholder Sheets in Revit with BIMLink

Ideate BIMLink allows the creation of new placeholder Sheets in Revit using data from an Excel spreadsheet.

Create Placeholder Sheets
Placeholder Sheets will display in the Sheet Index, but not in the Project Browser.  These are ideal for use in representing the consultants sheets.

  1. In Ideate BIMLink use the Sample Link called "Sheets" or, create a Sheet link and export to Excel.  See Creating Links with Ideate BIMLink and Export Revit Elements to Excel.
  2. Create new rows in the spreadsheet and enter the value "NEW" in the Id column.  
  3. Edit other properties as desired.  
  4. Rows representing any existing Sheets may be deleted, this will have no effect on the existing elements when the spreadsheet is imported.
  5. Import the Excel spreadsheet back into Revit.

Add Placeholder Sheets to the Project Browser

If the newly created Placeholder Sheets are intended to be used in the current project they will need to be created as new Sheets.  This method is useful in creating cartoon sheet sets from Excel.  To create the new Sheets from the Placeholder Sheets:

  1. Find the Sheet button in Revit from the View Tab>Sheet Composition panel.
  2. Select the desired Titleblock.
  3. Select one or more Placeholder Sheets from the list at the bottom and then OK to create new Sheets.

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