Create New Sheets in Revit with BIMLink

Ideate BIMLink allows the creation of new Sheets in Revit using data from an Excel spreadsheet. You can create sheets with a specified title block or you can create a placeholder sheet.

Create Sheets or Placeholder Sheets
Sheets can be created via Excel as a way to create a quick cartoon set at the beginning of a project. Placeholder Sheets, which display in the Sheet Index, but not in the Project Browser are ideal for use in representing the consultants sheets.

  1. In Ideate BIMLink, select the New button, then use the Browse option and go to the Create Elements folder. Select the sample Link called "02 Sheets-Create_NEW" or, create a Sheet link and export to Excel.  See Creating Links with Ideate BIMLink and Export Revit Elements to Excel. If you create your own link, be sure to include both the Title Blocks property and the Sheet Number properties, which are required for this process.
  2. Use the Export button the main dialog to export this data to an Excel file.
  3. Create new rows in the spreadsheet and enter the value "NEW" in the Id column.  
  4. Rows representing any existing sheets may be deleted, this will have no effect on the existing elements when the spreadsheet is imported.
  5. Edit other properties as desired.  If you specify a value in the Title Blocks column, that title block type will be assigned to the sheet and it will display in the Project Browser. If you do not specify a value for Title Blocks then the new sheet will become a placeholder sheet.
  6. Save the Excel file.
  7. Within Ideate BIMLink select the Import button to create new sheets within Revit.

Create new sheets with Ideate BIMLink

For more information, watch this YouTube video on how to create new sheets and placeholder sheets with Ideate BIMLink.

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