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Ideate BIMLink ships with over 250+ sample link definition files (.link) to help you master your BIM data workflows.  You can access these links by selecting the New.. button from the main dialog and then selecting the Browse method at the right of the New Link dialog. This topic covers the options found within the New Link > Browse dialog.

Browse the Content Libraries of Ideate BIMLink


The content displayed within the Folders area reflects the content that is indicated by file path setting found under the Options. Ideate BIMLink can be setup to have one or more library paths. As you highlight each folder, the values in the Link Source area will update to display any link definitions displayed within that folder.

The Load… button at the bottom of the Folders area can be used to import custom content that has been created in another project.

Link Source

This area displays the list of .link files per the folder selection made to the left.  The name of the link is read from an external file, which may have a different name. The hover tooltip will display the full file name.

TIP:  Use Shift+Select to load multiple links at once.

Include files in subfolders
By default this option is checked. In the example above, selecting the folder called MEP Links will display any content that exists within the \Electrical, \Mechanical, or \Plumbing subfolders. Unchecking this option will cause Ideate BIMLink to only display the .link files that are located within the root folder.

Hide unused categories
Use this option to hide any link definitions that do not apply based on the content within the active Revit project, template or family.

Type a keyword into the Search box to quickly filter for links that have that keyword within the name of the link.

Link Information 

The details found under Link Information will be editable after the link source has been defined. If multiple links are selected the link information area will display information about the first one within the selection. 

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