Export Revit Elements to Excel

Use the Export… button in Ideate BIMLink to publish the data specified within the selected link definition to Excel as shown. Review the Export file options below.

Export to Excel from Ideate BIMLink for Revit

Export to Excel 
After picking the Export button from the main dialog in Ideate BIMLink, select a new or existing Excel spreadsheet file which will receive the exported Revit properties. 

If a new file name is selected, Ideate BIMLink will create a new Excel file with one new worksheet.  The new worksheet will have the same name as the link. If you select an existing file name, you will have the option to either insert a new worksheet, or overwrite an existing worksheet.  For more details, see Exporting to an Existing File.

The default file format is .xlsx but macro-enabled files (.xlsm) and .xls are also supported. The macro-enabled option is used as part of several workflows covered in the How To section of the help file, such as the Document Issuance Record workflow.

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