Ideate BIMLink for Revit Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some parameters gray?
The most common reason for a grayed out parameter is that you are using an Instance link, but intended to edit the Type data.  This is easily remedied by using the Convert Link function.  Learn more about Read-Only Revit Properties with Ideate BIMLink .

Can I use Ideate BIMLink to edit my Revit Electrical Panel Schedule?
Revit electrical panel data is an aggregate of information coming from these sources: Electrical Panel element (Electrical Equipment), circuit elements, Location data (Spaces), and ‘calculated’ data (this is everything from the Panel “location” which is the Space Name+Number to the Apparent Load, etc.) What Ideate BIMLink CAN do is export data about Electrical Equipment and let you edit most of the panel data. Then separately you can edit information about Spaces and some of the info about Circuits (name and description mostly). What Ideate BIMLink cannot do is export data to Excel that looks like the Panel table and let you edit all the fields. It also cannot edit any of those calculated data fields and it cannot edit the circuit numbers.

Do I need to uninstall my Trial version before I activate my standalone or network version?
No, the trial installation can be activated with a valid license code or valid network license file.  It is however always advisable to check our website for the latest version.  Older installations that have been activated can be easily uninstalled and then reinstalled with the latest version without disruption to the licensing.

Does Ideate BIMLink work across linked Revit files?
Yes, this functionality was added in October 2014.  For more information see Include Linked Revit Elements with Ideate BIMLink

Does Ideate BIMLink permit swapping one Type or Family for another?
Yes, this functionality was added in December 2013.  For more information, see Utilize Type Swapping in Revit Model Elements with Ideate BIMLink.

Which elements can be created using "NEW" in place of the ID column?
The creation of new elements is supported for the following categories:  Sheets, Unplaced Rooms, Spaces from Linked Rooms, Custom Families, Revit Area Elements, Schedule Keys, Scope Boxes, Revisions, Types, Worksets and Parameters.  Learn how to Create New Revit Elements with Ideate BIMLink.

How does Ideate BIMLink handle project units?
See Edit Revit Property and Cell Units via Excel with Ideate BIMLink for information on how Revit project units are managed within Excel.

How does Ideate BIMLink handle Key Schedules?
See Managing Manage Key Schedule Data within Revit Projects with Ideate BIMLink for information on how Revit key schedules interact with Ideate BIMLink.

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