Utilize Type Swapping in Revit Model Elements with Ideate BIMLink

Utilize Type Swapping in Revit Model Elements with Ideate BIMLink. Type Swapping is a unique Ideate BIMLink function that allows an instance of an element to be swapped [exchanged] for another family and/or type.  Within a Revit Schedule this type of behavior is permitted for Family, Type, and Family and Type fields.

Type Swapping is permitted within Ideate BIMLink for most Model Categories and may be particularly useful for Update Revit Door Schedules with Ideate BIMLinkEdit Title Block Assignments in Revit with Ideate BIMLink, and Manage Revit Structural Data within Ideate BIMLink, or other scenarios where there are lots of model elements that are placed during the early phases of design as placeholders.

The 'Family and Type' property field will be editable, within Instance Links only, so that the value can be replaced with another valid value.  For example, all Generic walls on Level 1 could be swapped for 'CMU on Metal Stud' walls.

Ideate BIMLink supports the process of swapping in two important ways:

To learn more about how Type Swapping works, review these topics:

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