Annotate Tools

There are several tools available below the Search: bar and above the Element List within Ideate Annotate.

The tools available on both the Browse and Review tab are:  XRay, Delete,  Refresh, Align, and Distribute. Three additional tools: Dismiss, Import and View Issues are only availabe on the Review tab.


Ideate XRay one of the solutions found within the IdeateApps collection and is also integrated into Annotate to help users find annotative elements that are in a view but are invisible.

To use this option, select one element within Annotate. If the element is visible in a view you can double-click on the element to open the view and zoom to it (some versions of Revit require using the double-click 2x). If the reason for the invisibility is that the element is hidden in the view, Annotate will display a message offering to temporarily show hidden elements. If the annotation crop is active in the view and the element is not hidden, the option to turn off the crop will be offered instead. In the case where the zoom does not appear to work then the reason for the invisible element is unclear and this is where XRay is most useful. Select the element and choose the XRay button or right-click option to learn more.


The Delete button and right-click option are offered within Annotate as a safer way to delete elements. When used, a prompt message will display a list of currently selected annotative elements that will be deleted when/if the Delete button is confirmed. If any non-annotative elements are selected, they will be excluded from the list and will not be deleted. In the image below, for example, a selection window was used to pick both model and annotative elements. The total selection count, noted in both Revit and Ideate Annotate at the bottom right, is 15. However, Annotate ignores the model elements, and lists only 3 elements. When Delete is used, the dialog displays only these three annotative elements.

Selection state in Ideate Annotate for Revit


Annotate will change the display of elements as needed when the project or view is changed. When new annotative elements are added, or are deleted without using Delete then the Refresh button can be used to update the list.


Distribute allows you to evenly space multiple Text, Tag, Material and Keynote annotations vertically or horizontally. With three or more elements selected in the active view, pick the drop-down arrow to choose from the following distribution options.


Align allows you to evenly justify multiple Text, Tag, Material and Keynote annotations in all directions. With one or more elements selected in the active view, pick the drop-down arrow to choose from the following distribution options.

Pro Tip: Using the built-in Selection Filter named ‘Align and Distribute’ will capture only Tags and Text in your selection, filtering out any unwanted Model Elements. Enabling this Filter prior to selecting elements in both Distribute and Align is a big help.
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