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Ideate Annotate

Support design documentation and/or quality control activities in Revit through enhanced browse and review workflows that:

  • Expedite production documentation work with easy access to all annotative elements
  • Reduce liability by ensuring the legibility of tags, text, dimensions, and other annotative elements

Use Ideate Annotate to:

  • Find and zoom to the relevant item when looking for a door, foundation, or equipment with specific Mark information such as 1.02A as an example
  • Discover if large amounts of annotative elements are hidden or cropped within views
  • Select and swap incorrect tags, text, or dimension types for approved types
  • Find and eliminate annotative clashes
  • Find and eliminate blank tags, elevation markers and more

Ideate Annotate is part of the IdeateApps collection, a set of tools developed to streamline activities that daily Revit users perform most often.