SAN FRANCISCO, California - 8/22/2013 - Ideate, Inc., a leading Autodesk Authorized Developer and Autodesk solutions provider offering quality software, training, support and custom consulting services to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry with a special focus on Building Information Management (BIM), today announced the publication of its most recent Study in Success, "Aurecon Streamlines Seismic Mitigation Work with Ideate BIMLink."

Ideate BIMLink customer Aurecon provides engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients globally. In the wake of the especially devastating and costly earthquake of 2011, buildings throughout New Zealand are being upgraded and strengthened. The Study in Success explores ways Aurecon is using Ideate BIMLink as the firm designs buildings that employ the most effective known seismic mitigation technologies.  These technologies cushion seismic vibrations and allow a building to move during a seismic event with a minimum amount of damage to the building's structural and architectural elements.

As the volume and complexity of data for such projects increase, the firm has needed a way to transfer data from an engineering spreadsheet into the Autodesk Revit model without having to transfer it over manually.

According to Clinton Maulder, Associate - Buildings, Aurecon, Wellington, New Zealand, "With manual entry, the engineer has to check against all the original source data. If there was a mistake and it wasn't picked up in a manual check, there could be costly delays to remedy on site, or the structure might not perform as well as expected. If we eliminate as many opportunities for manual error as we possibly can, we minimize these risks."

By using Ideate BIMLink, the firm has been able to calculate volumes of data and standardize parameter values in Microsoft Excel. Then, the verified data is pushed back into the Revit file. As Clinton Maulder explains, "Being able to effectively deal with source data and eliminate 'double handling' saved time and reduced the chance of errors."

Bob Palioca, President, Ideate Inc., says, "We are pleased that Ideate BIMLink has helped Aurecon enhance workflows in its vital seismic mitigation projects. Our software solutions stem directly from our customers' need to overcome stumbling blocks. When we help customers manage data on a vast scale more easily, and when we facilitate the flow of information and collaboration between project stakeholders, our customers can then leverage BIM to its fullest advantage. We delight in their success."

Ideate has published "Aurecon Streamlines Seismic Mitigation Work with Ideate BIMLink" online. Read the story here. 

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