After the 2018 BiLT NA Conference in St. Louis, the event organizers announced the top 10 speakers and sessions as decided by the audience. We are pleased to let you know that Sash Kazeminejad’s presentation titled “Revit Phasing from A to Z” was ranked number eight! View the Top 10 list.

“I’m thrilled that attendees found my presentation so valuable,” said Sash. “As a Customer Success Manager, I get to work with and help solve problems for a lot of Revit users. I keep track of hot topics and try to present information that will help a broad audience address current challenges and streamline workflows.”

Sash’s presentation on Revit phasing:

  1. Served as a reminder of the importance of coordinating phasing before modeling anything
  2. Explored the graphical settings for phasing and where phasing belongs in Revit’s overall graphical hierarchy
  3. Highlighted the reasons users should not create demolition phases
  4. Featured tips and tricks, such as how to use phasing for presentations

Watch this video to see how to create new views with the correct phase settings with the Ideate Software Ideate ViewCreator tool, one of the nine tools included with our IdeateApps collection that streamline tasks that daily Revit users perform most often. 

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