San Francisco-based Modulus Consulting provides BIM guidance, support and services to companies with needs that range from an extra hand in drawing production through full project BIM coordination and management. While providing BIM coordination services for an electric company, Modulus was asked to pull some information needed for the company to purchase prefabricated parts.

The client asked for information about strut lengths, rod insets and offsets,” said Javi Candelas, BIM Specialist, Modulus Consulting. “My first thought was to try to create a schedule in Revit, but I wasn’t able to find the reporting parameters I needed in the available field box. As I was thinking about the pretty laborious task ahead of me (identifying instance/type reporting parameters), I remembered that a co-worker had shown me how to perform a similar task with Ideate BIMLink.”

Having decided to spend a few minutes trying Ideate BIMLink before resorting to Revit, Javi launched the software and tested some options.

First I, tried to export info from a schedule I had already made” said Javi. “But then decided to make a whole new schedule through Ideate BIMLink to do the job.” 

Ideate BIMLink - Modulus
That did the trick,” said Javi. “In the next screen, the properties I needed were under the Available Properties tab in the Available Properties field box. I selected the properties, added them, verified the selection on the preview and finished my link.”

 After exporting the link and cleaning up the Excel spreadsheet a bit, Javi had the information he needed.

A process that could have taken a few hours in Revit took just minutes with Ideate BIMLink,” said Javi. “It was a win for the customer, Modulus and me.” 

After rediscovering how easy Ideate BIMLink is to use and how it simplifies tedious Revit tasks, Javi decided to look at the other Ideate Software applications. He quickly found an opportunity to use Ideate SheetManager, one of the tools in the IdeateApps collection that streamlines Revit tasks performed most often.

Ideate Software tools are becoming part of my regular routine,” said Javi. “I suggest that team members take a few minutes to get comfortable with them, because they are user friendly and they make it much easier to do our jobs better and faster.

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