Looking for an objective review of how IdeateApps can simplify the Revit modeling tasks you perform most often? Listen to the 30-minute podcast published by BIMThoughts, a leading developer of podcasts on BIM technology.  Hear Bill Debevc, Autodesk software and IT expert, lead a discussion on practical, time-saving uses of our four tools recently added to the IdeateApps collection:

  1. Ideate Sheet Manager
  2. Ideate SpellCheck
  3. Ideate Align
  4. Ideate Clone

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the podcast:

  • “I wish [Ideate SheetManager] was there when I was doing a lot of production work.”
  • “Ideate was smart enough to realize that people misspell all over the place, so they made a better spellchecker.”
  • “[Ideate Software] has one of the best Help [systems] in the industry.”

Download free trial of IdeateApps. For information on all of our Revit software add-in solutions, visit the Ideate Software website or contact your authorized Ideate Software partner.