Ideate Software Presents - We are pleased to announce that Ideate Software will be holding a half-day seminar event in Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 9th. This seminar will highlight Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer for Revit, as well as dive into the subject of Revit Parameters. This seminar is suitable for any Revit user. Please read on for the presentation description and schedule.

8:30am : Light Breakfast, Networking, and Introductions

9:15am : Auditing Your Revit Project with Ideate Explorer for Revit

If you are not yet providing weekly auditing on your Revit models, then your project is at-risk. Learn our top 10 ways to audit the Revit model.

10:15am : A Parameter by Any Other Name

Project parameters, key parameters, family parameters, shared parameters, parameter groups, and GUIDs - it can be overwhelming to dive into the world of Revit data. A well-organized data structure will bring about a higher quality handover document and reduce scheduling headaches down the road. You can't create custom content without first understanding the Revit data structure for each kind of parameter.

11:15am : Mastering Your Revit Data With Ideate BIMLink

With Ideate BIMLink, you can pull a variety of information from your Revit model into Microsoft Excel, and push edited BIM data from Excel back into Revit with speed, ease, and accuracy, saving you a lot of time and money. We will be showing you several ways to quickly edit your sheets and views using BIMLink. For more information: View the invitation and register here.