Ideate XRay, one of the nine tools in the IdeateApps collection, solves more than 50 Revit invisibility conditions, but we are the first to admit that we haven’t nailed them all... yet. 

If you are an IdeateApps user and you discover an invisibility issue that Ideate XRay cannot solve, please let us know! Send us a file with the problem view along with as much detail as possible, including the name and/or type of element that is invisible and the name of the view in which the element is not visible.

Our team will research the issue, and if we resolve it, we’ll add your story to our Invisibility Guru Hall of Fame. Here is the most recent example where Daniel Newman of Squire and Partners, helped us identify a new source of invisibility:


Area Boundary Mystery Resolved

Daniel Newman of Squire and Partners discovered that area boundary lines can become orphaned in the Revit project when the related area plan view is deleted. In this instance Ideate XRay will not (yet) be able to resolve why the line cannot be displayed. (The line still ‘exists’ in a project, but boundary lines are view-specific, and these orphaned lines no longer have a view to which they belong.) 

One way to resolve this condition is to create an area plan view for the missing area scheme. The level of the new view must correspond to the level on which the boundary line was created. If the area scheme is no longer needed, you can delete the scheme which will remove all related area boundary lines at the same time.


Let us know how we can improve Ideate XRay!

About the Author

Glynnis Patterson, NCARB – Director of Software Development
Glynnis is a registered architect and has worked within the building information modeling (BIM) industry since 1998. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has worked as an architect, educator and construction site manager. Glynnis is the Director of Software Development Services and continues to work with AECO clients worldwide, developing, and consulting on solutions to BIM challenges. In her spare time, Glynnis volunteers for the local high school and with growitgreenmorristown.org. Find Glynnis on LinkedIn.