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Ideate Software Installer is a one-click tool to help deploy Ideate Software throughout your organization. The installer package includes all the MSI files for the most recent versions of all our desktop solutions. It can be used manually by individual users or with a network admin tool that supports “EXE’s”, such as SCCM or PDQ Deploy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Command Line Arguments


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use Ideate Software Installer?

Run the Ideate Software Installer.exe to install all products and versions contained in the “IdeateInstallers” folder.

How can I control what products or versions get installed?

Open the “IdeateInstallers” folder and remove the MSI for any product or version you do not wish to install. As an alternative, use the command line switches (see below).

How do I tell Ideate Software Installer what license I want to use?

Enter your @servername or your license code into the license.txt file provided with the installer package. Only one code or servername can be used. Keep the file blank or remove it if you want no changes to the existing licenses on the end user machines. Alternative — place a pre-configured license.config file into the same folder as the Installer.exe. This will take precedence over the contents of license.txt.

How do I use this to deploy Ideate Software to all my users?

Use your favorite network admin tool that supports EXE’s (SCCM etc.) to run the installer.

Does it support command line switches?

You can use the following switches: /SILENT; /SKIP_[product code]; /SKIP_[year] More Info.

Can I keep the installer on a network share and let the users run it?

You can pre-configure the products, versions and licensing and then place the “Ideate Software Installer” folder on a network share or a cloud shared folder. Giving users read-only access will prevent them from altering the package for others.

What if I already have the licensing set up and do not want to change anything?

If there is no license.txt or license.config file in the Ideate Software Installer folder, the existing license configuration will not be affected. All existing products should continue to work, including the latest version if the existing license is valid for the newly installed versions as well. Any products that were not previously licensed will need to be activated the usual way in Revit.

I have a mix of Ideate Software solutions with different quantities. How can I use ideate Software Installer and set the correct license codes?

Ideate Software Installer is optimized to work with standard bundles which contain the same number of licenses for all products and use only a single license code. For customers with more than one license code, these are the available options:

Option A:

Option B:

Option C: 

I am still using a legacy version (2017 or older)

Installed legacy versions will not be affected. Legacy version MSI’s can be downloaded from the software Archive download page. NOTE: Legacy versions may need to be separately activated inside Revit.

Command Line Arguments

The following switches have been implemented to help you customize Ideate Software deployments. The switches can be combined and used multiple times to achieve the desired combination of products:

/SILENT — run without the command line window

/ActiveOnly — installs Ideate Software for only the Revit versions already on the PC  

/SKIP_[product code] — skips all versions of a product. Use a separate /SKIP for each product you want to skip.

/SKIP_IBL — Ideate BIMLink
/SKIP_IEX — Ideate Explorer
/SKIP_ISB — Ideate Sticky
/SKIP_IAP — IdeateApps (Note: this refers to a specific product ‘IdeateApps’)
/SKIP_STL — Ideate Style Manager

/SKIP_[year] — skips the listed product year for ALL installed products. Use a separate /SKIP for each version you want to skip.  



/UNINSTALL_[YEAR] — uninstall all Ideate Software products of the specified year version. NOTE: If an /UNINSTALL command is run, the installer will no longer install the MSI’s in the same run! 



“...path to .exe” /SILENT /SKIP_2018 — silently install all products, versions 2019-2021

“...path to .exe” /SILENT /SKIP_STL /SKIP_2018 /SKIP_2019 — silently install all products except Ideate Style Manager, skips versions 2018 and 2019


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