Revit Schedule Import Results

Link from a Revit schedule with Ideate BIMLink. When an existing Revit schedule is used as a template to create a new link, these areas should be reviewed:

List of Parameters

Ideate BIMLink attempts to map the Revit parameters to Ideate BIMLink properties but not all Revit parameters have an obvious Ideate BIMLink equivalent.

Conditions that cannot be mapped include:

Calculated Parameters
Any Calculated Parameter that is defined within a Schedule will be ignored during import.

Instance Parameters
When creating a link from a schedule in an unused category (a category of objects that has no elements placed in the model) project parameters and shared parameters with the same name may not be mapped correctly. If there is more than one parameter with the same name, add at least one element to the model before generating the link from the schedule.

Shared Parameters that have not been assigned to the current project
It is possible to have a shared parameter defined within a Schedule and also not yet be assigned to elements within the current project.  In this scenario the parameter will display in the schedule but will not be editable.  To make this parameter editable, select the parameter from the Revit schedule and select Edit...

Revit Schedule Parameter Type Dialog

From within the Parameter Properties dialog, check the "Add to all elements in the selected categories" checkbox and include the appropriate category.  Making this change will allow the parameter to be edited from the Revit schedule and will be included automatically if the link is created from this schedule.


The Base, Top and Level properties within Revit refer simultaneously to the name of the level AND to the value of the elevation of that level. Ideate BIMLink needs to treat these two functions separately.  As such the Level property within a schedule may not be supported.  If this is the case, the solution will be to select the Level from the related Revit properties area and pick either the level name or the level elevation value. 

Unsupported Revit Properties

For a list of properties that are not supported by Ideate BIMLink, refer to Unsupported Revit Properties.


Ideate BIMLink supports a very different set of filtering rules. Not all Revit filters will be transferred to the link definition.  For example, Level Above and Level Below are unsupported as filters. In addition to the supported Revit schedule filters, Ideate BIMLink will automatically apply filters in these cases:

Be sure to review the Ideate BIMLink Filter Tab.


Starting with versions 2013.6 and 2014.3, Ideate BIMLink supports sorting in the Revit Schedule.  The sorting found within the Revit schedule will be mapped to your link.

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