Create By Revit Schedule

An existing Revit Schedule or Revit Key Schedule can serve as the starting point for your link definitions. To create a new link based on an existing Revit schedule:

  1. Start Ideate BIMLink
  2. Select the New.. button
  3. Select the By Schedule method at the left of the New Link dialog.
  4. Select from the list of schedules found within the active project. This list will include any supported data category and key schedules.

Create a link from a Revit Schedule

After selecting a schedule from the list, decide which type of link you need:  Instance or Type. Learn more about Instance vs. Type Links

Select the Next> button to have Ideate BIMLink map the schedule to a link.  If all of the schedule fields are successfully mapped, then the link Properties dialog will open next, otherwise the Schedule Import Results provides an explanation of any properties that cannot be mapped.

NOTE: Unsupported data type schedules will not appear on the list of available schedules. More info about unsupported Revit data types here.


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