Filters Tab

The Filters tab in Ideate BIMLink allows you to edit the Revit filters that limit the elements used by export. The filters are rule-based and will remain with the link definition when saving Revit links. There is no limit to the number of filters that can be applied and, unlike Revit, the default filter condition is 'OR', not 'AND'. To replicate the Revit condition select the checkbox to apply the rule that 'Elements Must Pass All Filters'.  In the example shown the View link will display any View that has a family name that contains either the word 'plan' or the word 'elevation'.

Edit Revit Filters in Ideate BIMLink

Properties that are available for filtering are not limited to those defined within the Link Definition.  To access additional properties, use the drop-down box as shown and select 'Other Properties'.

Revit Drop-down box to select Filters

Phase Filters

Select from the phase and phase filter to filter the Revit elements that are exported based on their Phase Created and Phase Demolished.  The Phase Filter is only available for model objects that support phasing. Rooms, for example, can only be filtered by Phase, and not by Phase Filter. Sheets will have neither a Phase nor a Phase Filter option.
Select from the phase and phase filter to filter the Revit elements

Example Filters

Filter out Unplaced but keep Unbound Rooms/Spaces/Areas

The Sample Link called "Rooms-Finish_Data", which can be found within the Architectural sub-folder, is setup to exclude any unplaced Rooms and yet contains any Rooms that may be unbound. This is done by using a filter based upon the Level: Name and using the Condition of "is not equal to" with a value of [empty], as shown in the image.

Revit filter based upon the Level

Export only Types that are in use

The custom Ideate BIMLink 'Usage' properties can be used as a way to prevent un-used type-based data from being included within the export. The Sample Link called "Wall-Types_Used" uses the "Type Usage Count" as a filter to exclude any type from the list if it is un-used (must have more than 0). Learn more about custom Ideate BIMLink properties.

 Sample Link called "Wall-Types_Used" uses the "Type Usage Count"


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