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This exercise will walk through the steps required to create new demolition and new construction views based on existing floor and ceiling plan views. Before beginning this exercise, open the Revit Sample file called rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt. This file can typically be found at C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 20xx\Samples.

Move an Old Project to Existing Phase

The sample project has all elements as part of the New Construction phase. For the example below we are assuming that the project has been built, and that we now want to do some renovation work. Before we can make 'new' views, we'll need to move the existing elements and views to the existing phase.

  1. On the Manage tab within Revit, select the Phases button.

  2. Select the 2nd phase, "New Construction" and then pick the option to Combine with>Previous button. This will change the "Phase Created" value for all elements to "Existing". It will also set all of the Views to have a Phase setting of Existing.


  1. While still in the Phasing dialog, select the Insert>After button to create a new phase. Rename the phase "New Construction", then select OK to exit.

Create Multiple Demolition Plans

Now that all existing conditions are part of the Existing phase, we can make duplicate views to represent the demolition drawings.

  1. Right-click within Project Browser and select "Browser Organization" to edit the View setting to "Phase". You should see that all views, except the drafting and rendering views, are now listed within the Existing folder.

  1. From the Ideate Software tab, select the Ideate ViewCreator button.

  2. Select the Duplicate Views button, then select the built-in rule called "DUPLICATE - Phase".

  3. Pick the "Select Views" button to proceed.

  4. On the "Select Views to Duplicate" dialog, leave "Duplicate" as the type of duplication.

  5. Select the three floor plans and three ceiling plans as shown, then pick the Next button.

  1. The selected rule, "DUPLICATE - Phase" builds the view name based on the level, view type of the original view, and then suffixes with "- Demo". The phase and phase filter will match the original views unless they are modified. Edit the phase to "New Construction" and the phase filter to "Show Previous + Demo".

  2. Select the green button to create the demolition plans.

  3. When prompted, choose the option to "Create more". This will let us also create views to show the new construction.

The results will be (6) new views, all under the "New Construction" folder within the project browser.

Create Multiple New Construction Plans

If you've just completed the steps above you should now be on the Preview dialog with the same original (6) existing floor plans selected. To create new construction plans:

  1. Edit the value for Phase Filter to be "Show Previous + New"

  2. Use the Find and Replace option to substitute the word "Demo" for "New", then select the Replace button.

  3. Select the green button to create the views, then select Done.


Tip: Use the Bonus Rule called "Phase - Demo" and "Phase - New" to hardwire these same choices, making it easier to standardize phase-related view settings.

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