Set the Alignment View in Ideate Align for Revit

With IdeateApps for Revit's Ideate Align tool, you can open a Sheet with a placed View (Viewport) that represents the condition you’d like to enforce across one or more other Sheets.You can use Ideate SheetManager for Revit to quickly find the Sheet you need for this task.

To set the Alignment View:

  1. When the active Revit View is a Sheet, launch Ideate Align from within SheetManager or by selecting from the Ideate Software tab under the IdeateApps ribbon. 
  2. The active Sheet will be selected, as shown below, and one of the Views placed on the Sheet will also be selected. The most common View used during this process will be a floor plan, but all views are supported.
  3. If the selected View has an assigned Scope box, the Scope box name will be listed, and optionally you may use this checkbox to apply the Scope box of the Alignment View to all of the selected Views.
  4. Next, after selecting the Alignment View, refer to the right-hand side of the dialog to complete the process by selecting the Views to align.

Select the alignment view on the active Revit sheet

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