Number Parking Along a Path in Revit with Ideate ReNumber

When designing a parking layout it can be frustrating to update the Tag information inside Revit to reflect the updated layout.  With Ideate Renumber, however, it can be incredibly simple; just follow these steps:

Number the Parking

  1. Layout your Revit Parking elements on a plan View.
  2. Draw a continuous Detail Line on the plan to demonstrate the order in which you’d like your parking to be numbered.
  3. Launch Ideate ReNumber
  4. Import the Parking rule from the Bonus Rules folder.
  5. Select the Select Path — Crossing method button.
  6. Select the Start Numbering button.
  7. Pick the Detail Line you drew in Step #2.
  8. Ideate ReNumber will display the Preview dialog with all new numbers for any Parking element that is intersected by the path of the Detail Line.
  9. Select Accept Changes and  then use ESC to close the application.  All the Parking will have updated Mark values to reflect the change.

Renumber the Parking

If you feel you may alter the design and want to keep your detail line you should save it by either hiding in the the view or by turning it into a Group; you can delete the Group instance from the view. When you are ready to renumber the Parking follow these steps:

  1. If you’ve hidden the Detail Lines in the view, use the Reveal Hidden Elements tool to see the Detail Lines, then launch Ideate Apps.
  2. If you’ve saved the Detail Lines as a Group, place an instance of the Group on the plan and then launch Ideate Apps.
  3. Using the Parking Rule again, repeat steps 5-9, above.  Even with a revised layout your new layout can be easily renumbered.  

If you need to modify your Detail Line layout you can easily add more line segments, move them around or delete them all and start over — as long as they are continuous, Ideate ReNumber can use them as a way to number by the path method.

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