Numbering Methods for Ideate ReNumber for Revit

Ideate ReNumber for Revit supports four methods for use in numbering (or naming) Revit parameter values:

Select Element

For individual numbering of Doors, Rooms, Spaces, etc., the “Select Element” method is the best choice. Using this method, each element will have the number changed as the element is selected. Select either the element or the tag to make a change to the parameter specified within the active Rule.

TIP: To skip a number increment, select the element again. ReNumber will update the element numbering for each subsequent selection.

Refer to the IdeateApps for Revit Getting Started Guide from the Ideate ReNumber Help menu for an exercise demonstrating this functionality.

See also: Select Path and Auto-Number

Select Element with Ideate ReNumber for Revit

Select Path

Ideate ReNumber supports using a Detail Line as a way of describing a selection of elements. There are two Path-based options: Select Path — Crossing and Select Path — Vertex.

Not all view types can take advantage of the Path numbering methods. Views that can support the Path selection methods include: Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Sections, Elevations, Sheets, Drafting Views, Detail Views, Legends, and Area Plans.

TIP: The Detail Line(s) used for either Path method can be hidden in the View for future use or saved as a Group. If you hide them within the View you can use the Reveal Hidden Elements tool to display the line and then use Ideate ReNumber while still in this mode.

Select Path - Crossing

When the “Select Path — Crossing” method is selected you can select an existing Detail Line or create a new line. The elements that are intersected by this line will be included in a Preview list for review and refinement. This method is ideal for use in numbering elements that need to be numbered in a linear fashion, such as Parking or Curtain Panels. 

Select Path -  Vertex

The “Select Path — Vertex” method is similar to the Crossing method with the exception that instead of the line intersections defining the elements, the line vertex location defines the elements.  This method is ideally suited for numbering Rooms, Space, or any other element that may need to be ordered in a non-linear fashion.

TIP: If an element is visible in a wireframe view, Ideate ReNumber will check if the bounding box of that element visibly intersects the renumbering path.

Select Path with Ideate ReNumber for Revit

Auto-Number by View

This numbering method allows you to number all the elements defined by the Rule that are visible within the Active View. This method is ideal for Rules that are set up to utilize “Fields” so that the sort order of the numbers is not as relevant. Read: Rule Value Definition in Ideate ReNumber for Revit, The most common example of this would be any Rule that uses a Space or Room Field as a number prefix and then an Increment value as the second part of the number.

Not all Rules support Auto-Number, here are some examples of Sample Rules that do support it:

Basic Rules : Data Device — Elevation, Doors, Furniture, Lighting, Plumbing Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment, Space Name from Room, Space Number from Room,  Structural Columns, MC-FAB_by_Space

Bonus Rules :  Lighting — Room, Mechanical Equipment — Room, Sprinklers, Viewports — Update View Name, Sheets - 1 of ##

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