Looking to learn more about Ideate StyleManager? Would you like step-by-step instructions on how to use it to analyze, delete or merge non-standard Revit styles? You can find all that and more on the Ideate StyleManager playlist on our YouTube Channel or our website.

Visit our playlists anytime to access short videos, webinar recordings and a customer webinar.

Short Videos

  1. Why Ideate StyleManager for Revit provides an overview of the software’s functionality

  2. Introduction to StyleManager for Revit covers three examples:
    1. Assessing the risk of style deletions
    2. Batch-merging materials similar materials into approved standards
    3. Deleting CAD import styles


Webinar Recordings

  1. Unwrap the Value of Ideate StyleManager provides a deeper dive into the software’s functionality and several demonstrations

  2. Ideate StyleManager – Fundamental Training demonstrates how to assess the risk of Revit line style deletion, fix and standardize Revit materials and manage duplicate styles

  3. Cleaning up Imported CAD Styles with Ideate StyleManager focuses on the styles that automatically import when you link to an AutoCAD file

Customer Webinar 

  1. Hitting a High Note – Tuning your Revit Template with Ideate Software and Brian Mackey

Is there a process you’d like us to demonstrate in a video? Please let us know. We want you to have answers at your fingertips, so you can get back to using the software to streamline Revit workflows.