Ideate BIMLink can be utilized to batch rename and renumber sheets in your Revit project. The Revit interface has limitations in terms of editing large amount of data. Ideate BIMLink allows you to edit model data by exporting it to Excel and pushing it back into Revit. The basic steps for this process are covered in our Help topic: How to Batch Rename or Renumber Sheets.

If you need to tackle some more complex challenges, in this blog post I’ll highlight the power of Excel functions and formulas when utilizing Ideate BIMLink for sheet renumbering.

Here is an example:  

Sheet Renumbering

  1. Utilize the adjacent column to enter the following formula, then drag down to autofill the values.


    List of Excel functions utilized in this function:
    =LEFT(text,[num_char]) Returns the specified number of characters to the start of a text string
    =RIGHT(text,[num_char])  Returns the specified number of characters to the end of a text string
    & Operator to concatenate string data by merging and combining
    “ ” Converting operators, numbers or symbols into string
    =TEXT(value,format_text)   Converts value into text into a specific number format
  2. Copy the resulting information from column B and use the Paste Special>Values function to move the data back into Sheet Number column, save Excel, and import it back into Revit via Ideate BIMLink.

    Save Excel and Import to Revit via Ideate BIMLink

    This is the result: 

    Renumbering Sheets

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About the Author

Nivin Nabeel, Customer Success Manager, Americas

Nivin has a background in architecture, visual arts, and computer science and has extensive experience in managing and manipulating BIM data, developing and implementing BIM standards and workflows, and applying BIM workflows to ancillary project components for improved efficiency. Before joining Ideate Software, Nivin worked at several architecture and design firms where she learned about Ideate Software products, used them, advocated for them, implemented them, and trained others on how to use them. She earned her Bachelor of Architectural Science degree from Toronto Metropolitan University. Follow Nivin on LinkedIn.