Batch Rename and Renumber Sheets

Ideate BIMLink can be utilized to batch rename and renumber sheets in your Revit Project. The Revit interface has limitations in terms of editing large amount of data. BIMLink allows you to edit model data by exporting it to Excel and pushing it back into Revit. Here is how you can do it in the latest version of Ideate BIMLink:

  1. In Ideate BIMLink, start with a pre-configured link called Sheets.

search links by category in BIMLink

Or – create the link utilizing the “By Schedule” if you already have a Sheet List Schedule created in your project.

create by schedule

  1. By Default, the pre-configured Sheets link is designed to not show placeholder sheets. If you’re looking to show placeholder sheets, you’ll have to remove this filter. For this demo, we will keep this filter and click Done! If you are using your Revit Schedule for this link, you may need to add the is placeholder property and set it to false to omit it from this list.

remove filter

  1. Export the selected link created to reveal the results in Excel.

In this first sheet renumbering exercise, we will rename A104 and A105 as follows:

Save the excel file and import the data back into Revit via BIMLink. You will notice the following issue:

This error message is expected as Revit doesn’t allow duplicated values for Sheet numbers. The new Sheet numbers picked are already used in the project which triggered the “Sheet number is already in use” error message.

One way to resolve this issue is to perform a two-step Excel Importing process through BIMLink. First, importing a new sheet number that isn’t already used in the project by utilizing a unique placeholder character as a suffix, example: “A105-”. Then, edit the excel file again by removing the placeholder character and Importing the second time. As follows: 

  1. In Excel perform the following and keep your Excel open:

Then Import!

  1. In Excel perform the following:

Then Import again!

The above is an example of two lines of data. The same process applies for large amount of data for information that cannot be duplicated in the project such as sheet numbers.


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