In the latest release of Ideate Automation, we’ve updated our model health check template to make it easier to read and use. With input from our beta testers and customers, we’ve streamlined the KPIs to align with top Revit model health issues that are clearly actionable.

Ideate Automation - Health Check Content
When used with Ideate Sticky, the results from a scheduled Ideate Automation task can be updated weekly and displayed front-and-center on the Revit project Starting View page as shown above, alerting all team members about the health status. The diagram below shows the data flowing from Revit via Ideate Automation and into Excel. The Ideate Health Check Excel results are then formatted via formulas, pivot tables (or macros if desired) and then published back into Revit via Ideate Sticky. 

Ideate Automation - Health Check Content

Use the auto-update feature within Ideate Sticky to ensure these updates are automatically imported into the Revit project. 

More importantly, we’ve designed each of the KPIs so that any of the flagged conditions in red can be easily addressed by any Ideate Explorer user. The In-Place Families KPI, for example, has exceeded the project goal of having fewer than 10 in-place families. When used with the MC-In-Place Filter in Ideate Explorer as shown, the Revit user can browse to each of those family instances and take the appropriate actions needed, such as replacing with approved family content.
The Ideate Health Check Report is completely customizable so you can set your own preferred KPIs and metrics for model health. Download Ideate Automation and follow the step-by-step instructions to generate your own project model health check.

Coming soon: New Ideate Software Power BI Template