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Audit BIM Models With Certainty

Revit professionals keep their models clean and accurate with Ideate Explorer. When using this model browser, as opposed to a project browser, users decrease the time they spend on model management, increase the accuracy of their models, and reduce file space by:

  • Finding and deleting incorrect, obsolete, and hidden problem items, including DWGs
  • Finding, refining, and revising elements, even those excluded from the project browser
  • Getting a full view of any Revit model and understanding all elements in the model
  • Easily complying with standards
  • Auditing and removing Revit warnings

The following components included with Ideate Explorer provide additional ways to ensure model accuracy:

  • Warnings Manager - Easily review and manage Revit warnings 
  • Navigate - Navigate through view-based elements within Revit—legends, schedules, sheets, and views—and quickly customize the browsing experience
  • Query - Search on parameters, such as elements assigned a certain size or modeled as in-place families, sheets based on Issuance numbers, and dimensions that have been overridden

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“The [Ideate Explorer] interface is quick, reliable, and easy to understand."
~Dan Warren, BIM Operations Administrator, McMillan Pazdan Smith