Finally in Revit 2022, Autodesk reintroduced a PDF print driver for Revit years after removing it! Now you can create PDFs straight from Revit without using a plug-in such as Bluebeam or one of the many free PDF applications out there.

On the whole, the wizard is pretty good. I’m able to add custom parameters to the file name which is great…………no more renaming! In the UK we sometimes have to add the revision to the file name and the suitability code. This I can easily do within the Revit PDF export settings.

Add Parameter Information
I can add parameter information as part of the naming rules within the PDF setup.

When you have created your set up, you can save the settings for quick and easy reuse.

Save Export Settings
Save export settings

When created, the resulting PDFs will have the additional parameters appended to the file, along with the Sheet Number.

Resulting PDF with Parameters and Sheet Number

Our new Ideate Automation solution enables users to automate the creation of PDFs by scripting the entire process. You can use a dynamic list of Sheets generated within Ideate BIMLink for Revit 2022+, and you can use the Sheet Set settings for Revit 2023+.  See more in our detailed Help file.

In addition, the first exercise in our Ideate Automation Getting Started Guide will walk you through the PDF creation process.

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