Getting Started Guide

In this exercise we will be running a health check on a Revit cloud model using Ideate Automation. This process will reduce the amount of hands-on time needed in order to ensure project stability and consistency across your Revit project files. 

Before you begin, you should review these requirements:

To automate health checks on your Revit project files:

  1. Launch the Ideate Automation Queue, which runs outside of Revit and can be found on your Desktop after installation.
  2. Now let's make a new task. Select Add Task.
  3. In the input section you first need to select the task you wish to run under the Script File drop down menu, in this case it will be \ISW-MP-Health_Check_CopyTemplate. This script will automate both Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer to publish a single Excel file with relevant information about the health of the selected Revit files.
  4. Next you will want to fill in the script details of your desired task.

  1. Now that you have set up your task, check that Revit is not running and then select Create and Run at the bottom of your task queue. Revit should open and the automated health check should begin.
  2. Once the task is complete, you will see ‘Succeeded’ in the task Status field. You can now add another task or close Ideate Automation. If the task status shows Failed’, search the status window or the log file for ERROR or FAILURE messages.

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