Excitech, Ideate Software’s partner and exclusive distributor in the UK, teamed up with McBains, a leading property and construction consultant, to improve accuracy through effective data manipulation between Revit and site operations.

BIM is bringing collaboration into the heart of the construction industry. It’s helping to drive better outcomes through greater understanding of all parties where their part of the project picks up from and passes on to other parties in the project lifecycle. However, it is still subject to interpretation issues among some companies.

One of the strategic goals for the McBains team is to optimize the use of BIM between the design team and the construction site; providing consistent and accurate information. McBains was looking to use the BIM data in Revit in a specific aspect of construction. This was the incorporation of data from Revit into the advanced coordinate-based calculations of the total station in pile setting out.

The solution was using Ideate BIMLink to leverage coordinate data. In supporting coordinate workflows, Ideate BIMLink makes it easy to export points for use in the field by creating points within the building information model itself. Coordinate data can then be published within a schedule. The result is improved accuracy and a reduction on construction time. Without the use of Ideate BIMLink, McBains’ concrete contractors would spend significant time calculating the relative heights of the pilings, impacting the schedule and the level of accuracy. “BIMLink eliminates this effort by allowing us to take the data directly from the 3D model and bring it into the field with the use of a total station, which can read the coordinates,” said Montana Yeomans, BIM Manager, McBains.

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Since 1993, CLARK | BARNES, formerly Clark Design Group, has provided architectural, historic preservation, and interior design services for buildings throughout Seattle, WA. Its commitment spans from form, space, and details through the broader community, historic fabric, and context.

CLARK | BARNES project: The Publix + Warehouse redevelopment. This building received the 2017 NAIOP Award for Best Redevelopment/Renovation, Historic Seattle’s 2017 Preservation Award for Best Rehabilitation, and the Washington State Department of Archeology SHPO Award for Outstanding Historic Building Rehabilitation.

To attract and retain top talent, CLARK | BARNES offers a comfortable work environment that inspires creativity and tools that enable its people to focus on developing innovative strategies. Ideate Software applications for Revit are included in that toolset.

“I use Ideate Explorer and several tools in the IdeateApps collection,” said Zack Zimay, Designer, Digital Design Manager, CLARK | BARNES. “Ideate Explorer is valuable when I need to change every instance of an element within a project at the same time. And the IdeateApps tools reduce the amount of time I spend on monotonous tasks I don’t want to be doing in the first place.”

Ideate Explorer enables Autodesk Revit software users to keep their BIM projects clean and accurate by automatically searching for, filtering, quantifying, indexing, and selecting all elements in the current view or the entire Revit file. IdeateApps makes everyday Revit tasks easier than ever. It’s a set of Revit applications designed to increase team productivity, decrease the time spent on common tasks, and increase the accuracy of BIM data in a Revit model.

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We want customers to come to us first with questions. We don’t want them spending valuable time trying to figure out how to complete a task, when we most likely have the answer at our fingertips. And if we don’t know the answer, we will find it quickly.

Recently, we heard from a customer who had talked with our support team. Joel Roderick, Technical Design Manager with Water Technology, Inc., was working in Ideate Sticky and having trouble loading a tab into Revit software. Our support team found the cell with a formula that caused the problem. A quick change to that cell resolved the issue. Following the resolution, we got an email from Joel with this nice comment:

“I am impressed that you put the effort into figuring this out. You have exceeded my expectations!”

Want a strong support team on your side? Choose Ideate Software tools. In addition to easy access to our team, the Support pages on our website have videos with step-by-step instructions on many workflows, robust Help files, and recordings of many of our webinars.

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We are pleased to share a client success story about Aspin Group, published by our partner in the UK, Excitech. Below are highlights; read the full story here.

Project Overview

The project, initiated by Hampshire County Council, concerned the Redbridge Causeway. It’s made up of two 3-span bridges, one 1-span bridge, and a 20-span viaduct.


The main contractor asked Aspin to undertake a structural inspection of the bridge and deliver a BIM model that could be used in the future by the Council’s asset management team. It needed to include links to critical data such as records ownership, rights and restrictions, surveys, work that had been carried out, operational performance information, and condition information.


Aspin asked Excitech to recommend the best solution, and they recommended Ideate BIMLink. Ideate BIMLink offers a quick and easy solution for importing data into a Revit project, such as updating hyperlink information on specific elements. With Ideate BIMLink, Apsin incorporated the records and links into the model, and it delivered a relatively complex requirement in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Visit the Ideate Software website to learn more about how Ideate BIMLink can streamline your Revit workflows.

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We’re pleased to share how Ideate BIMLink helped Associated Architects meet client requirements for a validated data rich BIM model to be used in an iPad-based facilities management solution. This information is from a customer success story published by our partner, Excitech.

Associated Architects, a design-led architectural practice, turned to Excitech for guidance after being appointed by a leading university to design and deliver the first phase of a new campus development.

“This would entail vast amounts of data coming into the mix, and we needed to find out how to handle that efficiently and swiftly, making sure that data was consistent across all companies involved in the project,” said David Simpson, Associate and BIM Manager at Associated Architects.

Critical to the project’s success was the ability to avoid the errors and wasted time that can arise from double-handling of data, which often occurs when data installed for the facilities management model clashes with items supplied by subcontractors who are not familiar with BIM. To address these challenges, Excitech recommended Ideate BIMLink.

With Ideate BIMLink, Revit users push information into Microsoft Excel, where Revit users and non-Revit users review and edit. Then volumes of updated, precise, and validated BIM data is pulled back into the Revit model with speed, ease, and accuracy.

By using Ideate BIMLink, Associated Architects improved quality control by eliminating manual errors and reduced costs by speeding up user interaction with the master model without requiring Revit trained users or software. Here are the top five efficiencies they reported:

  1. Automation of tasks
  2. Simplicity
  3. Improved drawing management efficiencies
  4. Faster data manipulation
  5. Visibility

Read the Excitech - Associated Architects case study for more details.

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