Leveraging BIM in Practical and Effective Ways

CSI Global Services building information modeling (BIM) consultants, with main offices in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and Republic of Singapore, are available across multiple locations throughout the world for clients seeking best practice systems and processes for their architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) projects.

Client services include Facility Management (FM) or Lifecycle BIM, BIM Management, Modeling Services, BIM Audit, Clash Detection Services and BIM Training. CSI Global Services brings together technical expertise and worldwide industry experience to assist clients with developing and benefiting from implementing BIM processes.

CSI Global Services teams incorporate Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer for Revit as integral components in the firm’s consulting practice to leverage the benefits of BIM in practical and effective ways.

Featured Team

The CSI Global Services team of Shane Brown, Project BIM Manager, AlastairBrook, BIM Manager – Construction, and Isaac Heard, BIM Manager – Construction, are finding applications for Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer for Revit in recent projects of grand scope and scale.

Challenges Answered With Ideate BIMLink


CSI Global Services has been using Ideate BIMLink to export multiple parameters into a Microsoft Excel format that allows the entire project team to access model data for more efficient project management. The team knows who is responsible for the data input and dates data were required by.

“We find the bi-directional workflow advantageous,” explains Shane Brown, Project BIM Manager, CSI Global Services. “When schedules are populated with the latest information, the model becomes the central up-to-date single point of truth for all schedule-related information.”

Engineering Data

Alastair Brook, BIM Manager – Construction, CSI Global Services says, “The shared parameters enabled by Ideate BIMLink effectively ensure that the Revit model can become the focal point for the resolution of design and construction issues. Shared parameters also assist in aligning the project’s deliverables so that they may be utilized for facilities management.”

Planning and Costing Information

Isaac Heard, BIM Manager – Construction, notes, “Through the use of Ideate BIMLink, data generated by engineers, design consultants and the main contractor can be input into a Revit model. Cost codes and information  regarding trade work packages can all be accommodated.”

Construction Programming

CSI Global Services has developed a workflow utilizing Ideate BIMLink that allows 4D construction sequencing animations to be created in Navisworks.

With the assist of Ideate BIMLink, the CSI Global team has been completing data related to the concrete strengths and reinforcement rates for project superstructures. This capability has allowed structural engineers who may not have Revit model authoring abilities and/or their sub-ordinate modelling teams to input this design and cost sensitive data. According to Shane Brown, “This data input allows us to pull quantities for costing and analysis purposes. It’s one more way we are furthering our consulting capabilities with Ideate BIMLink.”

Challenges Answered with Ideate Explorer for Revit

Selecting – For Use in 4D and 5D Workflows

According to Alastair Brook, “When selecting items in the Revit models to insert data into shared parameters utilised for various CSI Global Services internal 4D and 5D workflows, I have the ability to select geometry by type, category or level, etc. through Ideate Explorer for Revit. This heavily reduces the need to manually select items in the model. When used in the 4D workflow, for example, to select all mullions within a curtain wall system across one level – to code with an activity ID resulted in a two day saving over previous methods of manual selection.”

Filtering – To Solve the ‘Group’ and ‘Ungroup’ Dilemma

Also from Alastair’s perspective, “As the BIM manager there are instances when you have to ungroup ALL elements before utilising the Revit model in exports or other BIM workflows. Ideate Explorer for Revit allows a global selection of all geometry and then the ability to filter all the model groups; from here you can quickly ungroup all elements. This is a massive time saver and is used by CSI Global Services regularly.”


Shane Brown acknowledges the ways Ideate BIMLink is enhancing the CSI Global Services consulting practice when he says, “I’m working with some project teams and l’ve got to push all their information for pricing e.g. cost codes, steel sections tonnages, work packages, etc. into the Revit model for coordination and scheduling and there’s no better way than with Ideate BIMLink.”

Greg Gudgeon, Chief Executive Officer, CSI Global Services, sums up the relationship by saying, “Our CSI Global Services BIM subject matter experts are achieving remarkable success as we drive BIM adoption across the world. Without the support and the solutions we receive when we work with the Ideate Software team and their superior BIM products, our major hospital projects, road and rail infrastructure projects and large resource projects would not be the successes they are today.”