Sample Content

Ideate Explorer ships with some sample content that is stored within two different folders called Basic Rules and Bonus Rules. The Basic Rules come pre-loaded into your model and the Bonus Rules can be loaded manually. They are located here:

The default path to this content can be changed. Learn more under: Customizing Ideate Explorer

Basic Rules (Pre-Loaded)

Rule Name



List of doors without a 45 minute fire rating that are hosted in 60 minute fire rated walls. NOTE: Adjust he filter to match you standard text for fire rating values (e.g. 1-hr, 1 Hour, 60 min, etc.)

Links RVT-Not Shared

Revit links files that do not use shared coordinates


List of model elements with workset values that can be modified.

MC-Element Hosted

List of elements that are not hosted by a level. 


List of elements that are created as in-place families.


List of elements that are not monitoring other elements.


List of Pipe Fittings that are not at a 90 degree angle.


Cut length is shorter than the filter value.


List of unreferenced view tags.


List of views without an assigned view template.


A list of unused views, including schedules and legends in the project that have not been placed on a sheet. Excludes any view that is a primary.


Bonus Rules

Rule Name



Floors that have a "Height Offset from Level" value that is not 0.00


Z offset is almost but not quite 0


Curtain Panels and Windows that are in Walls that have an orientation of approximately 270 degrees.

Links CAD-Not Shared

List of linked CAD files that are not shared.


List of elements without a keynote value set. 

Wall-Has Edited Profile

Walls with "Has Edited Profile" true.


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