Filter Dropdowns to Manage Revit Elements in Ideate Explorer

Filter Dropdowns to Manage Revit Elements in Ideate Explorer

The Filter drop-down provides another way to further refine the elements found in the Results. There are two kinds of filters available:  hard-wired filters and Revit custom filters.

Hard-wired Filters - Explore

There are three hard-wired filters for Explore: <Annotation>, <Model>, and <Ideate Audit>. The <Ideate Audit> filter contains the list of Revit categories that require the special attention of the BIM Manager. It’s recommended that this list be reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure quality control of the Revit project.

Refer to Project Auditing for Revit Modeling with Ideate Explorer for more information on <Ideate Audit>.

Hard-wired Filters - Navigate

There are four hard-wired filters found on the Navigate tab: <Legends>, <Schedules>, <Sheets> and <Views>.  

Revit Custom Filters

In addition to the three hard-wired filters, the Filter list will also include any Revit filters associated with the current project. Learn more at How Can I Create a Custom Filter in Revit with Ideate Explorer?

NOTE: Sheet and View-based custom filters can be used within Ideate Explorer, but only while on the Explore tab.

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