Manage Revit Sheet-based Revisions with Ideate BIMLink

Revit provides revision management through both the Revision Cloud tool, found on the Annotate tab, and through the use of the Revisions on Sheet dialog box found within the Sheet Properties.  Ideate BIMLink provides access to the Revisions on Sheet properties, making revision management painless.

Revisions on Sheet dialog box found within the Sheet Properties

There are two methods to access these properties within Ideate BIMLink:

  1. Within the list of available properties, look for the properties starting with the word "Seq." The list of these reflects the number of revisions defined within the current project.
  2. Select the Revisions to be included within the Link Definition.  Each "Seq." property will export as a TRUE or FALSE value within Excel.

Editing the values for these properties will update the Revision Schedules if they are part of your Title block family.

Learn how to edit the title block to include the Revision schedule on Autodesk's Revit Wiki.

Link Properties Dialog

Ideate BIMLink customers can also request an Excel macro template and dataset that supports the automation of a Document Issuance Record.  The resultant Excel file is organized as a matrix with the Sheets as Rows with the Revision dates and per Sheet numbering as the Columns.  Contact us at [email protected].

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