Report Revit Linked Files and Room Data with Ideate BIMLink

Revit Schedules support reporting on elements that exist within a Revit linked file but in most cases information about the space or room may be missing — but not with Ideate BIMLink.

Example #1

Lighting_Model.rvt  This file contains Lighting Fixtures and might have Spaces. 

Architectural_Model.rvt  This file contains the Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceilings, and Rooms.

When Architectural_Model.rvt is linked into Lighting_Model.rvt, Revit will be able to create a Lighting Fixture Schedule within Lighting_Model.rvt, but the values for Room will be empty.  The values for Spaces, if applicable will be available but may not be up to date with the current Room-based information. With Ideate BIMLink, regardless of whether you have Spaces created you will be able to report on Room data to help inform your process.

TIP: If your Lighting Fixtures or Air Terminals are not reporting the Room values, it may be that they are above the Room boundaries. In this case you can use the Room Calculation function, found within the Type properties within the Family Editor, to adjust its location.

Why does this matter?

Use this Room based information to cross-reference important lighting analytics data that may reside within the Room such as Floor Finish, Room Area, Room Height (not Ceiling Height, sorry), or even Occupancy-related information. You can also use the Room number to modify the Lighting Fixture Mark value to synchronize your numbering data. It’s hard to stay synchronized with your BIM partners, but Ideate BIMLink makes this much easier.

Example #2

Core and Shell.rvt  This file contains a the building exterior elements along with shared common areas. Some Rooms are defined within this file.

Interiors.rvt  This file contains tenant improvements for a portion of the building. Some Rooms are also defined within this file.

When Core and Shell.rvt is linked into Interiors.rvt, Revit will be able to create a Door or Furnishings Schedule that includes the names of the related Room Number and Room Name only for the elements that exist within Rooms that are defined within Interiors.rvt. With Ideate BIMLink, the Doors or Furnishings can report the value of a Room whether it exists in the same file or if it exists within another link.

Why does this matter? 

Use this Room based information to modify the Door or Furnishings Mark value to synchronize your numbering data. It’s never easy to break a model into pieces but sometimes in the best way to coordinate your Building Inforamation Model. Ideate BIMLink eliminates the unknowns and connects spatial data information across linked files.



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