Schedule a Publish to BIM360

When you use Ideate Automation, you can simultaneously set up an automatic scheduled publish of multiple Revit models to BIM360/ACC per your desired frequency. If you want to publish daily, your wish is Ideate Automation’s command. This method does not require access to Design Collaboration or use any Cloud Credits.

Create a Publish Task

Before you run the publish task, you must complete the Ideate Cloud Connector integration and Refresh files process

  1. Launch Ideate Automation
  2. Select Create
  3. Select the Automation Scripts\03 Publishing folder.
  4. Pick the script called AUT-AdskCloud-Publish_Model

Note the option to only publish the selected file(s) or also any of the linked files. When you uncheck the “Publish with Links” option the resulting file (when downloaded) is a single .RVT and is not a .zip file. The paths to any linked files will still be listed within Revit and can be re-pathed later if needed.

The publish task is relatively quick, within Ideate Automation. If the file has been modified since its last publish date, a new version of the published model will display within BIM360/ACC, though it may take some time for the upload to complete.

Schedule a Publish Task

  1. Begin by completing the task as described above.
  2. From the Ideate Automation Home page, pick the successfully created publish task, then do one of the following:
    • Right-click and pick Schedule Task from the menu, OR…
    • Pick the Schedule button
  3. Be sure to review the Scheduled Task Name and modify if needed. It cannot be edited later.
  4. Provide a description to help identify the purpose of the scheduled task and/or the frequency.
  5. Edit the desired frequency and timing for the task. The Weekly option, shown above, makes it possible to pick only the needed days.
  6. Choose Save or Save and Run to complete the scheduled task.

Now your specified Revit files will be published automatically!

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