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Automate your IFC Export process and stop trying to recreate a consistent deliverable every time. Ideate Automation will generate consistent IFC Exports outside of regular work hours, saving you time.

There are a myriad of settings and version changes that make it difficult to create consistent IFC output along the lifespan of a project. We have found that the most reliable IFC Setup Source: method is to use the External Setup option which creates a JSON file based on your preferences. Alternate IFC Setup options will be covered at the end of this page.

External Setup

For the External Setup method, we will be using the installed Ideate script named AUT-Export_IFC and a preconfigured JSON file located here: "C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Automation\en-US\Samples\Automation Scripts\03 Publishing\Ideate-IFC-Export 2022-2024.json".

This method has the benefit of not requiring the Revit model to be setup in advance, as long as the saved JSON settings support the file version. The file can be placed in a central location where multiple different models can reference for a consistent standard. While this process is not currently documented by Autodesk, you can read more about how to create a .json file this article from Evolve Consultancy.

  1. Launch Ideate Automation and select Create
  2. In the Scripts pane, search IFC and select the one result, AUT-Export_IFC 
  3. Review the description of this task below, then pick Next.

  1. Revit Files: Choose one or more Revit 2022-2024 file(s).
    • If you are not certain the file can successfully be exported to IFC, you should consider first manually testing the IFC Export process within Revit.
    • Linked files will not be included in the IFC file. See this known issue for more information.
  2. Export Folder: Choose the folder destination for the IFC file.
  3. IFC Setup Source: The default value for the IFC Setup Source is External Setup. Leave this option as-is.
  4. JSON IFC Export Setup File: Use the sample JSON file provided with Ideate Automation, option. This should fill in automatically.
  5. Export View (Optional): Leave this field blank.
    • This field accepts any valid Revit Model View Name as the basis for exporting the model.
    • This can help limit the size of the IFC by limiting the phasing, design options, or even model elements from the specified view.
  6. File Name: Leave the default file name as-is.
    • Note that file name of the IFC export will match the name of the Revit model.
  7. Keep IFC Files Only: Sometimes IFC files create logs. If you would like to only have the IFC model placed into he specified Export Folder then you should check this box.
  8. Select Next to review the Task Name at the top, then select Save and Run.

If you prefer to use a built-in or custom project IFC setup, you can use the same script and most of the same testing steps noted earlier.

Built-In Setup

Each Revit version contains its own unique list of built-in IFC Setups. If you want to use this option, first select the checkbox option Use In-Project IFC Setup, then select from the drop-down list provided in the script. Pay close attention to the version limitations noted with some of the options. Unless specified the setup option is available for Revit 2020-2024. This list of choices can be modified within the script to remove any setups that are not desired.

NOTE: The In-Session Setup is only supported when the English version of Revit is used.

Custom Setup

You can also specify a custom, company or project IFC export, set checkbox option to Use Project Specific IFC Setup, and in the IFC Export Set up box type the name of the export set up you wish to use.

NOTE: This set up must exist in the Revit model(s) you are creating IFC’s from.

In Revit 2022+ go to File>Export>IFC to create and save a custom JSON export for use with your Revit 2022 files. Then, you can use the same script and most of the same steps noted earlier.

The results will vary within each ‘point’ release of Revit, as in Revit 2022.0 versus Revit 2022.6 – each behaves differently with the IFC export. We’ve found that a separate export is needed to support Revit 2020 and 2021.

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