Example: Phase - Revit Element Result with Ideate XRay

The information below is an example of the kind of content embedded within Ideate XRay. There are over 50 unique Revit invisibility results possible within the product itself.

When the “Phase — Created” or “Phase — Demolished” result is returned by Ideate XRay, it means that the Phase Filter of the view is set to not display the element's phase status. To fix this issue one of the following changes needs to be made. Consult your BIM Manager before making any change. Our recommendation is to address the problem in the order listed below.

Is the Element on the Incorrect Phase?

If the hidden element is not on the correct phase, then use the Properties palette to adjust the Phase Create or Phase Demolished setting. The text displayed in the Ideate XRay — Show Results dialog provides important information about the phase state of the selected element, as shown in yellow. The element selected during the use of Ideate XRay will be selected upon exiting the program to support making a change with the Properties palette if the phase is incorrect. If the element's phase is correct, check the phase of the Target View.

Is the Revit Element on the Incorrect Phase?

Is the Target View the Correct Phase?

If the Target View is not on the correct phase, you can edit the phase settings by selecting once within the view and then using the Properties palette to adjust the view. If the Phase setting is not editable, then the View Template is controlling this setting - contact your BIM Manager to adjust the View Template assignment or the View Template properties. If both the element and the phase are correct, then the last culprit will be the Phase Filter settings.

Change the Phase Filter

The view may have a Phase Filter setting that impacts the visibility of the selected element. In Revit the Phase settings are accessed from the Manage tab on the Phasing panel as shown. Review the "Not Displayed" settings for the current Phase Filter and either change the setting to "By Category" or "Overridden" OR change the Phase Filter assigned to the view to a different Phase Filter.

Change the Phase View with Ideate XRay for Revit


Learn more: Autodesk Revit Help - Phase Filters

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