Ideate SheetManager for Revit Tools

Ideate SheetManager for Revit tools support drag and drop behavior and double-clicking to open both Revit Sheets and Views. Additionally, SheetManager supports context-specific right-click behavior and includes three tool buttons for extended functionality.

Topics in this Section

Right-click options

The SheetManager supports context-sensitive right-click behavior which varies depending upon whether the element selected is a View, Sheet, or Viewport (View placed onto a Sheet).

Within the Views panel, shown on the left-hand side of SheetManager, right-clicking on a View will enable these options:

Rename: Rename the selected View. This option will be grayed out if the selected item is a folder instead of the View.

Expand All: Expand the list of folders and Views so that all can be seen at once.

Collapse All: Collapse the list of Views so that only the top-level folders can be seen.


Within the Sheets panel, shown on the right-hand side of SheetManager, right-clicking on a Sheet will enable these options:

New Sheet: This right-click option launches the Revit tool that is used to create a new Sheet. This tool allows you to create an empty Sheet with the option of specifying a Title block. You can also use this method to pick from a list of pre-defined placeholder Sheets.  

Clone Sheet:  This right-click option will only be enabled when the active view is a Sheet. Clone can be used to create a new Sheet that will match the originally selected Sheet, its Title block and all its Sheet parameters. Optionally, this will allow new Views to be placed on the Sheet to match the location of Views from the originally selected Sheet.

Rename: Rename the selected Sheet. This option will be grayed out if the selected item is a folder or Viewport instead of a Sheet.

Open: Use this option to open either the active Sheet or active Viewport. Another way to open a Sheet is to double-click on the Sheet name. Double-clicking the Viewport name will open the Sheet on which the View is placed.

Remove from Sheet: This option is available for Viewports only, and will be grayed out if the selected element is a Sheet. Use this option to remove the selected Viewport from the Sheet. You can also use drag and drop to relocate a View from one Sheet to another.

Expand All: Fully expand the list of folders and Sheets.

Collapse All: Collapse the list of Sheets - only the top-level folders can be seen.

SheetManager for Revit Tool Buttons

Along the bottom edge of Ideate SheetManager are three tool buttons that relate to the work of creating and composing Revit Sheets: Add a new Sheet, Clone, and Align.

Tool buttons found within Ideate SheetManager for Revit

The first button, launches the Revit tool that is used to create a new Sheet and is described above under the right-click section.. 

The second tool button launches Ideate Clone for Revit and is described above under the right-click section. 

The third button launches Ideate Align for Revit, which is used to coordinate the location of Views across a sheet set. 


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