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Last Updated in November 2023

  Version: Build: Bundle: Enterprise: Revit versions: Last Updated Download Page
Ideate BIMLink 6.3 55241     X      X 2020-2024 November 2023 Visit Download
Ideate Explorer 4.8 54018     X      X 2020-2024 May 2023 Visit Download
Ideate Sticky 3.5 53671     X      X 2020-2024 May 2023 Visit Download
Ideate StyleManager 2.3 54045     X      X 2020-2024 May 2023 Visit Download
IdeateApps 1.16 55258     X      X 2020-2024 November 2023 Visit Download
Ideate Automation 3.1 55255        X 2020-2024 November 2023 Visit Download

To get all Ideate Software Solutions from a single download, please choose one of the following methods:

Install on My Computer 

Supports Trial, Standalone and Network licensing (Cloud or FlexLM). This package will install all supported year versions as listed in the table above. Recommended for trial or individual users installing their software. Download size ~900 MB. Does not contain Ideate Automation!


Deploy to Multiple Computers

Ideal for deployments or company-wide updates. The package contains MSI’s for all Ideate solutions and year versions listed in the table above. They can be installed all together or in any combination. A PDF file with FAQ is included. Supports Standalone, Cloud and FlexLM Network licensing. Download size ~1 GB.


Benefits of using the Installer tool:
- Automatically uninstall and update all older versions in one step
- Automatically pre-configure the license, removing the need for activation by the end user 

Learn more about the Ideate Software Installer here or watch the video below.

Individual installers for each product can be downloaded here.

For older releases, including Cloud Network enabled versions 2018 and 2019, visit the Software Archive.

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