Easily Manage Revit Model Data with Ideate BIMLink

Model management is a critical skill and a huge part of the success of any project, especially one involving complex modeling and design collaborations. These brief instructional videos will help keep you in the driver’s seat as you use Ideate BIMLink to manage Autodesk Revit data flows with ease and. Reach the Revit data you need. Data management tasks take a small fraction of the time they once took.  Learn how to easily manage View Reference elements within Revit to ensure quality control.  Easily look at the QA/QC process of managing families by using BIMLink and Microsoft Excel to rename families within a Revit project to meet industry or office standards. Using Ideate BIMLink, Revit professionals can quickly assign each view to the appropriate View Template for persistent view quality control. Provide a bi-directional flow of data between Revit and Excel.  How will you use Ideate BIMLink?

More Ideate Videos

Ideate BIMLink - Overview on Data Management

Watch this seven-minute video to learn how to quickly and easily manage Autodesk Revit type-based and instance-based data in Excel with Ideate BIMLink. Learn how to:

  1. Select the categories of instance data in Revit to review
  2. Create an instance link
  3. Define the list of properties to export
  4. Use BIMLink to export the data from Revit into Excel for editing
  5. Use BIMLink to import the data back into Revit.

Ideate BIMLink Videos Playlists

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