Ideate Software Online User Group - APAC

Revit offers many different flavors of parameters to choose from and they can all be overwhelming to decipher. A well-organized data structure will bring about a higher quality handover document and certainly reduce scheduling headaches downstream. This user group event is ideal for anyone tasked with managing Revit schedule data, Dynamo users, and BIM managers.

Join us as we gather online to review how and when to use shared versus project parameters. We will also discuss some of the newer Revit features related to parameters including:

Additionally, Ideate Software Developer Jesika DiGregorio will be on hand to talk about some of the big changes being made to the Revit data structure and how Ideate Software is adapting to those changes.

Presenters: Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist | Sash Kazeminejad, Customer Success Manager | Jesika DiGregorio, Software Developer


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