PRESS RELEASE Contact: San Francisco, CA, 09/17/2015 - Ideate, a multi-decade veteran Autodesk Developer Network member and Autodesk Platinum Value Added Reseller, announced today the publication of its latest "Spotlight on" customer success profile featuring WRNS Studio and its use of Ideate Explorer for Revit modeling.

Ideate Software is a set of in-depth Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) data management tools that helps keep Revit models clean. With it, staff can delete problem items, analyze files quickly, and enhance BIM data flow with increased speed and accuracy. The software can facilitate better collaboration, minimize workflow interruptions, improve project deliverables, and elevate design.

Jason Halaby, Designer and BIM Manager, WRNS Studio, San Francisco, regularly uses Ideate Explorer to turn tedious Revit model projects into quick exercises. "You can hardly compare time savings now with how we did things before because there are things you simply cannot do without Ideate Explorer" says Halaby.

WRNS Studio cares deeply about the quality of their models, and Ideate Explorer helps the teams to keep their Revit models clean. Halaby uses Ideate Explorer to find and change elements, purge line styles that are not up to office standards, even add detail views from different projects into the WRNS file library. "Ideate Explorer is also outstanding at finding linked AutoCAD files that are otherwise hidden inside of a particular view," he says.

Bob Palioca, President, Ideate Inc., says, "We know how critically important it is to keep Revit models clean and lean, especially as AEC projects become so massively complex. We are proud to able to contribute so significantly to our clients' time savings and quality control by creating Ideate Explorer."

Ideate has published "Ideate Software Presents: Spotlight on WRNS Studio" success story online. Read the full WRNS Studio success study to learn more.

Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer carry a five star rating, for managing Revit models, on the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store, and are available with a non-commercial free trial. For more information, call 888.662.7238, or contact

About Ideate, Inc.

Ideate, Inc. is a leading Autodesk Authorized Developer with 25+ years' experience in Revit software development and specific focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM). As an Autodesk solutions provider, Ideate has offered quality software, training, support and custom consulting services to the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industries since 1992. Headquartered in San Francisco, California and operating Autodesk Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) in California, Oregon and Washington, Ideate is recognized as an Autodesk Platinum Partner for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Autodesk's highest level of authorization.

About Ideate Software Ideate Software allows Revit users to have unprecedented control over their data. Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer for Revit, and Ideate Sticky were all developed to solve persistent problems in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) workflows. Ideate Software solutions enable Revit users to save time, increase accuracy, improve project deliverables, and elevate design.

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RTC Europe 2015 || Oct. 29 - Oct. 31

Ideate Software will be at RTC Europe 2015 from Thursday, the 29th of October to Saturday the 31st of October. Please stop by our booth (#10) to meet us in person and discuss all things BIM and Revit related. Richard Taylor, our Technical Evangelist, will be presenting on auditing Revit projects. Be sure to take in his session and feel confident about the data in your Revit projects.


Richard Taylor will be presenting "Auditing Your Revit Project With Ideate Explorer" during session 2.2. Auditing and finding problematic data in a Revit project is a universal problem. In this class we will be using Ideate Explorer as a way to both uncover and fix potential problems within the Revit project. If you've ever wondered:

  • Why is this file so slow?
  • Where's my stuff?
  • How can I make my life easier?

Richard's presentation will answer these questions and more, and all attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Ideate Explorer! To find out more about Ideate Software, we will be happy to chat when we see you at RTC Europe, or, any other day by contacting

RTC Information & Online Registration


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Everyone is a builder and creator of some sort -- only the medium changes. Revit (being a 3D modeling tool) provides the A/E/C community the means to build and create their ideas in the form of buildings and structures. An author uses the written word to express and create the stores that turn into novels. A coach uses people and players to build and create a team. As a Software Engineer, I use programming to build and create applications that others use. I have always been a craftsman at heart and software is just another way to express the builder and creator within me.

Some time ago, a friend of mine (an avid bow hunter) wanted to build long bows. Having been a woodworker for many years, I was intrigued. We set off to build long bows -- just another way to express the builder and creator within us. The first bow we built was a 28 lb. laminated bow for my 11-year-old son. As with any project, there is more to it than what is seen from the surface.

A close look at the bow shows there are 4 layers of wood, the inner two layers are of Osage which has properties that help the bow retain its shape and provides compression of energy to be released when firing the bow. The outer two layers are of Ash, helping add strength and giving the bow an artistic look. The handle, called the riser, is Zebra wood. The riser has to be a very hard wood so that it retains its shape, allowing the energy of the bow to build in the limbs. The tips of the limbs where the string connects has been strengthened with deer antler to give the tip its needed strength to withstand the tension put on it from pulling back the bow.

Finely Crafted 28 Pound Laminated Longbow[/caption] As with building design, the parts of the bow provide specific aspects of the design. The riser has to have the structural integrity supporting the other parts of the bow. The limb tips have to meet the structural needs for the poundage of pull the bow is designed for. The limbs must be able to compress and hold energy to be released, all while retaining its shape over the years of use. And yet the zebra wood of the riser, the deer antler at the tips, and the ash wood on the limbs all have an artistic look, making the bow functional -- but a piece of art at the same time. Not unlike architecture, some parts of the bow are for structure, others are for aesthetics and some are for both. Whatever the medium, the things we produce make us all builders and creators.

Here at Ideate Software, our desire is to build applications that allow the A/E/C community to be the builders and creators they want to be, helping them be more effective as they express their ideas with their medium.

About the Author

Hank DiVincenzo - Senior Software Engineer
Hank has been a Software Engineer for over 18 years. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, he has developed applications for a variety of companies including Sequent Computers, IBM, Intel, and iMove. The application domains developed range from Computer System Control, Wireless Networks, and Immersive 360° Video, developing in both Linux and Windows environments. Most recently before coming to Ideate, Hank worked on Immersive 360° Video applications used for Situational Awareness within the National Security Agency and Department of Defense. Hank is currently working to further develop Ideate's Ideate Explorer for Revit and Ideate BIMLink applications, along with any expansion to Ideate's application suite.


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A View Reference, in Revit, is what we all think of as a section, elevation, callout or detail 'marker' that acts as a hyperlink to an existing Revit view. The most common application of this idea is where you may have a conventional detail, placed as a Drafting View, and then throughout the project you can place detail markers that refer to that same Drafting View.

Fig 1: The use of the conditional formula within Revit can lead to inaccurate results.[/caption] The ability to edit the Referring View was introduced with the release of Revit 2015. Now, with the latest version of Ideate BIMLink we are able to review and also to edit all of the Referring Views at once. See how it's done in this video: Ideate BIMLink - Managing View References

About the Author

Glynnis Patterson, NCARB - Director of Software Development
Glynnis is a Registered Architect and has worked within the BIM industry since 1998. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has worked as an architect, educator and construction site manager. Glynnis is currently the Director of Software Development Services at Ideate, Inc. and continues to work with AEC clients worldwide, developing, and consulting on solutions to Building Information Modeling challenges. In her spare time Glynnis does volunteer work for and @GVPinNJ


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Ideate Software is pleased to announce the release of Ideate BIMLink 2016.2, 2015.4, and 2014.7. These updates bring an array of enhanced features that customers have requested. They are designed to work with Autodesk Revit 2016, 2015, and 2014.


  • Access to the "From Schedule" option from the main dialog
  • A property called "Type Usage Count" that helps export only the type data being used in the project
  • Easier loading of Quality Control and Project Standards links
  • Enhanced multi-category Project Standards links to include additional 2D categories


  • For architects and designers: grids; stair landings, stair runs, stair supports, railing handrails, and railing supports; and a View References link
  • For M/E/P engineers: load classification, MEP system data, and a View References link
  • For structural engineers: grids, editable rebar shapes, and a View References link
  • For Virtual Design and Construction managers: enables creation of new generic models, and support for assemblies


→ Watch the What's New video.

→For questions, or to upgrade Ideate BIMLink, contact

→Still haven't tried a no-cost trial of Ideate BIMLink? Download today!


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