A big thanks to everyone who graciously gave us their input last month for the third annual Ideate BIMLink survey. Our winner from this year's Ideate BIMLink survey is Trent Best of Rosendin Electric. Enjoy that iPad mini Trent! When you purchase Ideate BIMLink you're buying not only a piece of software, but also the email support, online classes, and development efforts that are on-going. For example, your past input has resulted in the following "point" releases:

2013.0 :: March 2012, Revit 2013 ships, and so do we, with new and improved workflows!

2013.1 :: August 2012 - improvements for ease of network deployments

2013.2 :: December 2012 - Top 3 user requests added plus many improvements.

2014.0 :: March 2013 - Revit 2014 ships and so does Ideate BIMLink 2014.0

2013.4/2014.1 :: July 2013 - We provide improvements for both 2014 and 2013 users. What's New Video

2013.5/2014.1 :: Give us a bit of time, we just got your feedback!

In addition to some great ideas about how to make Ideate BIMLink even more useful, users are reporting an average of ***23.7 hours saved per project***, meaning that for most customers they re-coup their initial investment within the first project. Sign-up for online training to learn how you can make the most of Ideate BIMLink. Missed the survey? You can always provide your input from within the Help menu.

This post was originally published on the Ideate Solutions Blog 10.15.2013